We have a passion for Shar-Pei of all sizes, colors and coat types but we concentrate on breeding to the CSPCA standard. Below are our thoughts and beliefs on breeding and exhibiting Shar-Pei.
Breeding and exhibiting Shar-Pei has been our hobby and life’s interest since 1985.  Since that time we have worked to gain sufficient breed knowledge to work towards our goal of continually improving.
Although exhibiting our dogs to their championship is an important part of our goals, the breeding is the most interesting and challenging. 
We sincerely believe only a very small number of purebred dogs are of the quality worthy to be bred.  This is our lifelong commitment.
We have bred an average of less than 6 puppies a year over our existence as breeders so you can see that we are hardly a commercial operation.  We breed only to produce a better Shar-Pei for our efforts in the show ring and for other reputable breeders.  Our quality companion puppies are the by product of the endeavor.
We occasionally have some pups available to approved homes.
Our main goal is to breed happy, healthy, sound, well adjusted Shar-Pei with correct type and temperament with style and attitude. And to produce Shar-Pei suitable for conformation, agility, obedience and family companions.
We will only breed to preserve the best qualities of the Shar-Pei. Breeding just because you have orders for puppies is not a justification to produce a litter.
We try to be objective with our dogs in our endeavor to breed quality Shar-Pei. We separate our love for each individual Shar-Pei from our honest evaluation of that dog's good and bad points. In the eyes of its owner, virtually every dog is the best in the world, and as a breeder you must look beyond your love of your dogs if you wish to have a successful breeding program. After thorough consideration and evaluation, we select which dogs are to be bred. Emphasis is on breeding consistent quality and type in all our dogs, not just the ones we show.
We strongly believe in testing our dogs before we breed.
Our goal is to work towards the eradication of health problems, using the testing means available to us and to be honest and forthcoming with our fellow breeders.
It is pointless to test and then ignore the results or the ramifications from breeding to less suitable animals health wise just because it is the flavor of the month, or handy to use.
We spend a lot of time and effort in researching the breed. As Shar-Pei fanciers we believe it is our duty to be honest with our fellow breeders. Open conversation with fellow breeders will be a benefit to the breed as a whole. We will ALL encounter some sort of problem in our lines and by being open and forthright it may help another breeder avoid unwanted traits.

As breeders we are the guardians of the breed.
Our goal is striving to breed a better Shar-Pei in each litter we produce but in order to breed a better Shar-Pei you must have a vision of what your ideal Shar-Pei is like. While we all have the breed standard to follow it is lacking in detail and open to personal interpretation.
Our vision of the ideal Shar-Pei would include the following points.
Our ideal Shar-Pei has a fantastic temperament, is intelligent, shows curiosity, is sensitive, is extremely trainable, is distrustful of strangers, haughty, devoted and protective to his owner, a friend of the children, adaptable, takes pride in his appearance, thinks like a person and has a sense of humor. Our ideal Shar-Pei is extremely versatile and excels in any challenge offered to him.
Our ideal Shar-Pei must have correct structure; he is of medium size, and moderately angulated allowing him to move correctly. Our ideal Shar-Pei moves in perfect rhythm with a slight spring in his step, with plenty of reach and drive.
Our ideal Shar-Pei must have true Shar-Pei type. A squarely built, balanced, well proportioned, short backed dog with a harsh, short coat. He has a solid black tongue. He has the head piece that is so distinctive of the breed, with a broad muzzle, and tiny ears.
Our ideal Shar-Pei is healthy, active and has a lifespan of 12 - 14 years.

Our goal is to try and ensure that our puppies and older dogs are placed in loving, caring and appropriate homes.
This site has been created in dedication to the Chinese Shar-Pei and of course to show off our much loved pets.  These pages provide information about the Shar-Pei breed.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit and we would be grateful if you would take the time to drop us a message.  We love to talk to Shar-Pei enthusiasts and we answer all of our emails.
Please browse our site, email us, or even give us a phone call.
Mike and Dixie Williams



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